Ivyy Chen is a London-based
#animation filmmaker and #illustrator.

Living from a small town in Southern Taiwan to this multicultural wonderland, she loves observing everything from a distance, keeping an ear out for any interesting conversations in a cafe and turning others’ accidentally fascinating (at least for her) life events into something fun and inspiring!

Ivyy has a strong design sensibility with an illustrative aesthetic using visual metaphors and a distinct colour palette to tell emotive stories. She enchants the narrative in her work into a Visual ASMR journey. Inspired by her own experiences, she often explores clashes and similarities in culture throughout her work which has been screened at festivals worldwide. 

In the past, she has worked for clients including Greenpeace, WaterAid, Opéra National de Paris and the Wellcome Trust. Her films have been selected by several international festivals and won the Animasian Award at Toronto Reel Asian International Film Festival 2020 and Best Animated Documentary at London International Animation Film Festival 2023.